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NTRCA Final Recruitment Result For 1st to 12th Candidates

NTRCA Final Recruitment Notice Online Application. NTRCA Final Recruitment Result and E-Application. Non-Government Teacher’s Registration Authority (NTRCA) has been published a notice. In this notice they are announce that the applicants who are passed ntrca exam in present time they can apply. They are announced that the candidates can apply their favorable institutions if there are have any vacancy. NTRCA Final Recruitment Notice has been published in their official website and daily newspaper. NTRCA Final Recruitment will be found here.

1-12th NTRCA Final Result Has been Publish. See Result From below

NTRCA Final Recruitment Notice Online Application

NTRCA Final Recruitment Notice Online Application

Application Start Date: 20th July 2016.

Application Last Date: 10th August 2916.

Application Fee: 180 TK.

 👿 Click Here For  Result 🙄 


Registration Number will be found your ntrca exam certificate. Certificate is found your district education office.

If You successfully completed your application then you will receive a application ID number via SMS. Then you have to pay application fee by teletalk mobile SMS. SMS format are given below.

2nd SMS : NGI YES PIN & SEND TO 16222.

The authority of NTRCA has been published a recruitment notice on their website. They are announce that all the institutions of non- government get information for their teacher requirement. The authority has been recruiting teachers in this requirement. They are invited to application to the authority who are need teacher for their institutions. The application in this reason has been end 30th June 2016. After that the authority has been published job recruitment notice in their website. Then the candidates can apply their chosen institution for the  post of Assistant teacher or Assistant Professor.

See Total Vacant List According To the institution Name.


E-Application will be start at 20th July 2016.

Some Important Information:

Institution Application Date: 6th June 2016 to 25th June 2016.

Recruitment List Published: 30th June 2016.

Candidates Application Start: 20th July 2016.

Candidates Application Deadline: 10th August 2016.

Dhaka Bank Job Management Trainee Officers

NTRCA Final Recruitment Notice Online Application

About 6,00,000 candidates has been passed ntrca exam. They are worry about their recruitment. At this moment they are not sure to their recruitment. In this circular is a good news for ntrca certified candidates. They are wait a large time for the recruitment. Please see the notice and confirm that it is a real and good news for you.


NTRCA Final Recruitment Notice Online Application

NTRCA Final Recruitment Notice Online Application

The candidates of NTRCA teachers registration who are want to apply through online they can be apply from our site. The application will be start 01th July 2016. You can apply this post in this time to 28th July 2016. The application rule and regulation are given below. 13th NTRCA Written Result Will Publish Soon

NTRCA Final Recruitment Notice Online Application

Rule and Regulation:

  1. The candidates who are passed 1st to 12th NTRCA examination they can be apply. You must be provide your name and others information according to your NTRCA job application Form.
  2. You will received a SMS when you submit your application completely. The SMS will be provide teletalk mobile operator. You must be save applicant copy.
  3. They are given preference your District post and their institution vacancy. So, you can apply your districts wise, Division wise or You can apply the capital city wise. They are requiting as the merit list that they are create by your ntrca exam result.
  4. Please See the whole circular at first. Read it carefully and apply online.

NTRCA Final Recruitment Result

You can see here NTRCA Final Recruitment Result. The authority of NTRCA has been published a final recruitment list for the 13th NTRCA candidates. You can see it in our website. You can see here 13th NTRCA exam result and other information. If you want to see then click here 13th NTRCA Exam Result.

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  1. I wan to know please help me answer the question if any candidate passed for college level then could he/she apply for school level?

  2. I passed the 7th ntrca exam. My permanent address was of Rajbari district. I didn’t collect my certificate. Can I collect the certificate from Dhaka ntrca office?

    1. You can collect your certificate in your district education office.


    1. Yes, you can. But thana candidates are encourage to apply at first. You must be apply your own district by same terms and conditions.

      1. can i apply many schools at a time ? how many?

        1. Yeah You can. Its no limit. If you eligible for many institution then you can apply.

  4. rony chandra paul

    iwant to know that….what is the position of my 9th ntrca exam

    1. Position means? This circular is for all I mean 1st to 12th ntrca passed candidates.

  5. Ak bakti kato bar application korta parbay.

    1. apnar alakai jotogulo school or college a khali post ache.

  6. Alaka bolte ki bujano hoyece.alak caraw to sob protistane apply kora jai.tachara 180 taka gune apply Kore love ki jehetu kuta ache .ki vabe niyug dewa hobe applyer sate mil Reké plz aktu bistarito janan.plz plz brother.

    1. at first apnar upojela onujaie, tarpor jela onujaie. apni Dhaka sob district a apply korte parben. bistarito jante e circular porun.

  7. district wise and division wise apply er jonno ki institution choice korte hobe?

  8. district and division wise er jonno ki institution choice korte hobe?

  9. Ahon ki uttor o dakkhin Dhaka jatio medhar vittite niog hobena.plz janaben.

    1. At first they are encourage to district candidates. Then recruiting by merit list.

      1. i was an applicant for 8th ntrca exam for college section. i passed that exam, but i still didnt collect my certificate. how can i get my certificate? how can i get my registration number? how can i see my merit position?

        1. Merit list and certificate are found in your district education office. You must be carried your ntrca admit card, all of your academic original certificate.

  10. When I go to apply through e-Application then I cannot see my District Name. My District name is Gopangonj. Now I want to know how can apply in my district?

    1. wait some day. after that if you don’t see this district then inform the authority.

      1. thana ta mohola der jodi merit position kom thaka but ancholik collage hola sa khatra neog ta kmon pata pari….janaben please !!

  11. Thana ta amer sub a khali asa ….akon mohila kota & gram vittik 2 tai thaka but marit position jodi kom thaka sa khatra neog ta kamon hota para akto janaben….pleaze.

    1. Apni thana ounujaie quota candidate hole prodanno paben aghe. sadharon candidates hole merit list onujaie/

  12. 13th prelimary test exam passed candidate ki apply Korta Parba . ai ntrca circular a vai . please bolen

  13. 13th preliminary test passed candidates ki ai circular a apply korta parba. plz bolen

  14. Merit list kotai, 10 merit list km dew hoi nai.

    1. Merit list is available in your district education office.

  15. ami 6 month computer nibondon koresi ami ki parbo..

  16. আমি আমার থানার তালিকা পাইনি। সেক্ষেত্রে কি অন্য থানায় আবেদন করতে পারব?

    1. No. You must be get your merit list according to your district wise.

  17. I have passed 8th ntrca exam for Lecturer post.My home district is Rangpur.I live in Dhaka.How can i see my merit position from Dhaka?

    1. NO way to see your merit list in Dhaka. As a candidates of Rangpur District you can see your result on your district education office.

  18. ami 4th exam porikkai trade instructor computer subject dia pass korsi.akhon ami school level assistant teacher,computer subject dia apply korte parbo.

  19. ami4th exam porikhar somoi trade instructor computer subject ar maddome pass korchi, akhon jodi ami school levele assistant teacher computer subject a appli ki korte parbo?

  20. vacant list ki change kora hoyasa?age jegulo post silo ter onektai akhon pawa jasse na kano? janaben please………?

    1. It is technical fault. It may solve in some time. please wait some time. Those college and school approved for mpo they are stopped to recruitment as government rule.

    2. আমার নিজ উপজেলায় আমার subjectate কোন পোস্ট খালি নাই।কিন্তু অন্য উপজেলাই দেখলাম আমার সাবজেক্টাতে অনেক পোস্ট খালি আছে।আমি কি আবেদন করতে পারব।
      তাছাড়া এক সাথে কয়টা আবেদন করতে পারব।আর এগুলো কিভাবে নেওয়া হবে।

      1. You can apply. application limit are not included in circular. So you can apply more post against empty post in your district. The recruitment system is merit list.

      2. Ami TRED INSTRUCTOR(CIVIL) A 12th ntrca urtinno aplicant. kintu ami online form filup korte gele ta korte parchi na page asena . amake janaben plz kivabe aply korte habe.

  21. আমি স্কুল পর্যায়ে ৮ম এনটিআরসিএ পরীক্ষায় উত্তীর্ণ হয়েছি । আমার নিজ জেলা কুমিল্লা কিন্তু আমি ঢাকা থেকে নিবন্ধিত এবং ঢাকা অফিস থেকেই সার্টিফিকেট সংগ্রহ করেছি । বর্তমান সার্কুলারে আবেদন করতে গিয়ে আমি দেখতে পাই যে, আবেদন ফরমে Permanent Address-এ সফটওয়্যারের মাধ্যমে Automatic ঢাকা select করা আছে (যা পরিবর্তনীয় নয়),এক্ষেত্রে কি আমি ঢাকার প্রার্থী হিসেবে আবেদন করতে হবে ?

    যদি আমি কুমিল্লায় আবেদন করি তবে কি উপজেলার প্রার্থীদের অগ্রাধিকার পাওয়ার পর আমি বিবেচিত হবো না কুমিল্লা জেলার সকল প্রার্থীদের অগ্রাধিকার পাওয়ার পর বিবেচিত হবো ?

    1. It is a critical problem. NTRCA not published any rule and regulation for this problem. Sorry we don’t give you any advice for this problem.

  22. jekono akti protistan er biporita apply korla ki oi post er jonno dist…division….jatio…sob koto bibachona kora hobe naki sob protisthane korta hobe. tai jodi hoy tobe ata kotota grohonjoggo ba mil thaklo cercular er satha.

  23. Ami 4th ntrca exam porikkai trade instructor computer subject dia pass koresi.akhon ki ami school levele assistant teacher,computer subject maddome apply korte parbo.

  24. SMS sent hochche Na.10 merit list ki district teke ante hobe Internete pachchi Na akti prsno computer nibondon 12tom certificet hochche 6 maser computer basic courses
    akon apply ki kora jave.carculer site bola hochche lora have abar submit optioned niche dekanu hochche kora jave Na.plz plz brother janan plz.

  25. SMS sent hochche Na plz solve this problem.

    1. SMS sent na hoar to kono karon nei. jodi apnar balance porjapto na hoi tobe sms send hobe na. please check your balance and write your sms in right format.

  26. amar thana cara o ami jodi district a onno scholl ba college a apply kori sa khatra ki ami mohila kota pata pari…janaben??

    1. JI paben. District wise e merit list kora hoise.

      1. জাকির হোসাইন

        আমি দশম নিবন্ধনে কম্পিউটার বিষয়ে পাশ করে চট্টগ্রামে একটি উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়ে এম পি ও ভুক্ত শিক্ষক হিসেবে আছি। এখন আমি আমার স্থায়ী ঠিকানা অনুযায়ী ফেনী জেলায় আসতে হলে ntrcaঘোষিত পদে কি আমার আগের এমপিও থাকবে? যদি সেটা সৃস্ট পদ হয় যা আমি ডিটেইলস জানিনা বা জানার সুযোগ নেই।(১৩ই নভেম্বর ২০১১সালের পর কম্পিউটারে অনুমোদন প্রাপ্ত সৃস্ট পদের এম
        পিও দিচ্ছেনা)তাহলে আমি কি করতে পারি?

        1. This information is not included in ntrca circular. So, we don’t give any information about this topics.

  27. assistan teacher computer apply korte giye submit optioner niche deki 6 maser computer course kora apply kora jabe na.otocho ai siter upore nirdesonai abar kora jave leka ase
    akon ami ki korbo bujte partaci na.plz brother janan plz

  28. 1 to 11th ntrca result theke marks ki only written count kora hobe, naki MCQ+ Written gor marks count kora hobe?

    1. District merit list. But as you a candidates of sub district you can priority for this application.

  29. Sadar a neog ke vaba habay.District merit list thaka, na ke Sadar merit list thaka ?

  30. merit list kon number ar vittite Kore? certificate ar optional naki compolsery number ar vittite.?naki % ar vittite.jemon 51%

    1. Yeah it is create by your obtaining number.

  31. আমি 11তম শিক্ষক নিবন্ধন পরীক্ষায় ব্যবসায় শিক্ষা শাখা থেকে উত্তীণ হয়েছি। আমি নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তিতে কমার্স শাখার কোনো বিজ্ঞপ্তি দেখতে পায়নি। আমি কী আবেদন করতে পারবো? প্লিজ আমাকে জানাবেন। এবং কিভাবে আবেদন করবো তা জানাবেন।

    1. Yes your available post is business study.

  32. trade instructor pode apply later for post lekha astase.karonta ki and aita khokon chalu hobe

    1. its a problem for this post. Authority not take a decision for this job. When they are take decision you can apply.

  33. if i strating e application, after some time i saw some information is missing and forget, can i close the application in that moment and will start tomorrow, please tell,
    Another question is – if i complite the application when i get result, hard copy not send your office? can i change the select school.

    1. Don’t understand your question. Yes you can apply before your submit option.

  34. Ami 10th Registration. ami ki purber dewa photo er Poriborte nuton photo dia application korte parbo?

    1. Yes. But your photo must be match your ntrca uploaded phot.

  35. 1st to 12th ntrca passed applicant ra niog pabe merit list theke. amar prosno holo-aei merit list ta ki written exam ar number theke create kore.? please sir bolben ki?

  36. The teachers whome are with coaded what they have right to application by ntrca?

    1. Don’t understand your question.

  37. আমি একটি সরকারী পলিটেকনিক হতে চার বছর মেয়াদী ডিপ্লোমা ইন ইন্জিনিয়ার কম্পিউটার বিষয়ে পাস করি। এরপর আমি Ntrca 4th exam porikkhai Non goverment technical education school level 2 হতে ট্রেড ইনস্টাক্টর কম্পিউটার বিষয়ে পাস করেছি।এখন কি আমি স্কুল লেভেলে assistant teacher computer বিষয়ে আবেদন করতে পারব কি?

  38. Ami 6th nibondhon pass koresi lalmonirhat zella theke sei 2010 a. home district silo lalmonirhat.but at present,Ami borisal a onek bosor dhore permanent basinda hisebe asi. Ami onek age borisal ar votar hoesi,vot o diasi,amar pourashovay nij barir holding number o ase.amar prosno holo Ami ki borisal theke 6th nibondhon certificate dia borisal a apply korte parbo? Ami borisal theke already e-application koresi. initially successful o dekhiase.but pore ki application reject hote pare? please,……………………..janaben sir!

    1. Apni ja bollen ta ki kore hoi? apnar merit list to Lalmonirhat district wise kora hobe. apnar merit list jodi barisal district onujaie hoi tobe thik ache. ai recruitment merit list onujaie hobe. tai apnar merit list jodi Lalmonirhat hoi then Barisal e job paben na. application send korechen ata kono bepar na.

  39. I have passed 10th NTRCA school exam from dhaka.Exam center was Mirpur Girls Ideal school. From where i can get certificate?

  40. How can I get my registration no.

    1. Collect Your ntrca certificate in your district education office. Registration number are found on this certificate.

  41. sir ami e application koresi 5 din age . kintu 180 taka send korini.akhon ki abar
    notun kore apply korbo naki 180 send korbo

    1. Dekhen e application ID dia taka send korle success hoi kina.

  42. Amar nijer district pabna. Ami dhirgo din dhora dhakai bash korci permanently. Ami nibondhn porikkhar somai shob address( present+permanent)dhaka diaci.kintu amar voter ID Pabnar thikanai. Akhon ami to 3 catagory ta apply korte parbo she khetra amar merit list kon thikanai hobe please inform me.

    1. Merit list kothai dekhechen? jodi Dhakai dekhen tobe dhakai apply koren. r jodi pabnai dekhen tobe pabnai apply korte parben. apni dhakai apply korte parben. sudu apni na sobai parbe. seta district wise na.

  43. sir ami application koresi kintu form print korinai akhon sir kivabe download korbo ba print korbo?

      1. yes sir print option asesilo but amar nijer laptop theke kore save kore pore print korte chisilam karon amar printer nai. application form ti save koresi but clear vabe formti show korena.tobe app:id ase picture , signature show korena


    1. This recruitment only district wise. You are not eligible for another district.

      1. tahole ki ami jamalpur theke sylhet er kono thanai apply korte parbona? jodi na pari taholeki Dhaka korte parbo?

        1. Dhaka district is available for every one. You can only apply your home district.

      2. My home dist. is Manikganj.There has no post in my subject.So I have applied another dist.Am I qualified for my post ?Plz inform me.

  45. Jar marks basi sa ki aga niyok paba

  46. 10m merit liste first.but amar subjecter kuno post amar dristrike kali nai.division mymensing e ase akon ki apply korbo. ar korle kibabe ami niyug pete pari.naki dristrike first hoyew cakei pabo na.plz aktu janan plz.

    1. Yes, at first district wise candidates has been recruiting. Then other divisional candidates.

  47. I want to Know Meaning that Those College and School approved for MPO they are stopped recruitment as government rule.

    1. NTRCA meaning is Non-government teacher recruitment authority. So they are recruiting only non government institution. MPO institution recruiting they are teacher by government rule and regulation.

  48. Amar Dist-Comolla,Thana- Brahmanpara, prosno holo- ami ki onno thana te application korte parbe, jemon- Muradnagor thana.

    1. You can apply another Thana but it must be in your district.

  49. sir chahida potre dekha jasse je onek protisthan/institutions MPO list vukto na. sai khetre NTRCA neyog dayer por Non-MPO institutions er Teacher der salary kay dibay ba tader jonno onno kono chinta vabna korbe ki?

    1. Salary has been paid this institution there you will be recruiting.

  50. sir amer prosno holo ame gaibamdas district at Babar barie upzilla thaka nibondhon koraci akhon ki ame akoi district ar samir barir upzilla thaka abadhon korta parbo?

  51. akti post ar jonno koyjon waiting thakbe?please sir bolben ki?

  52. Amar District Sherpur kinto sherpur a Amar Subject (Islamic history & culture) a kono post Khalini tahole ki ami mymensingh Divition a onno district a abedon korte parbo?

    1. Yes. But at first recruiting in district wise. So you may be not eligible for another district.

  53. dhaka ke sabai e applicatipn korta parbay.Ak district ar candidate ke onno district a neog pabay.

    1. Only Dhaka district available for another district candidates.

  54. aplicaton e registration no chai amar kache 11th roll ache ki vabe apply korbo janan plase

  55. ami 11th teacher nibondon kora roll jane registration roll jane apply e chai certificate nai ki vabe applay kora jai jana ben please

    1. Collect Your certificate in your district education office.

  56. My home dist. is Manikganj.There has no post in my subject.So I have applied another dist.Am I qualified for my post ?Plz inform me.

    1. You can only apply Dhaka district.

  57. আমি 11তম শিক্ষক নিবন্ধন পরীক্ষায় ইসলাম শিক্ষা থেকে উত্তীণ হয়েছি। আমি নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তিতে সহকারী মৌলভী পদের কোনো বিজ্ঞপ্তি দেখতে পায়নি। আমি কী আবেদন করতে পারবো? প্লিজ আমাকে জানাবেন। এবং কিভাবে আবেদন করবো তা জানাবেন।

    1. Your Available post is Religion teacher.

  58. sir onek thanai institution theke kono chahida potro send koreni taholeki oisob institution a NTRCA ki kaw k neyog dibe?

  59. Ami gaibandha zillar Babar barir Sundargonj upozilla theke nibondhon koresi abong nibondhon certificate a Babar barir upozillar nam deoya ase.Ami jodi abedon form a akoi zillar(Gaibandha) husband at barir upozillar nam dia abedon kori tahole ki kono problem hobe?

    1. Yes. You must be put your ntrca certificate address.

  60. considering marks:written/MCQ or both

  61. Sir. How can apply at institutes of divisional headquater. Please reply me

    1. You can only apply by district wise.

      1. উপজেলার আবেদনকারীরা প্রেফারেন্স পাবে মানে কি? নম্বর সমান হলে সে প্রেফারেন্স পাবে নাকি আগে তাদের মেধাক্রম অনুসারে নিয়ে পদ বাকি থাকলে উপজেলার বাইরে থেকে নেয়া হবে নম্বরের ভিত্তিতে? দয়া করে জানাবেন কি?

        1. জি আগে উপজেলা থেকে নিয়োগ দিয়ে পদ খালি থাকলে বাইরে থেকে নেওয়া হবে। সেক্ষেত্রে মেধাক্রম অনুসরন করা হবে। যদি উপজেলা একাধিক প্রার্থী থাকে একটি পদের বিপরিতে বা পদের চাইতে প্রার্থী বেশি হলে মেধাক্রম অনুসরন করা হবে।

  62. Zahid Hossain k.b

    My home district is jamalpure. Can i apply in Sherpur district?

  63. I passed 12th NTRCA. I am in 11th position in meritlist. I’ve no vacant post of my own Upazilla. If I apply another upazilla in my district will I get more preference than the candidates of that upazilla. I asked this question because 1st in the merit list of that upazilla scored 45 but I scored 58 in 12th ntrca.

  64. ধরি প্রতি উপজেলায় নিম্নে দশজন প্রার্থী আছে আর পদ আছে একজনের যদি ওই উপজেলার প্রার্থীরা কম নম্বর পেয়েও প্রেফারেন্স পায় তবে নম্বর বেশি পেয়েও উপজেলার বাইরের পদ ছাড়া যারা আছেন তাদের আবেদন করে লাভ কি?

  65. I have a computer certificate at six months. i passed 11th NTRCA. Can i apply for the post? plz reply me……….

    1. This post are stop at this moment. Please try some times later.

  66. about 7 days ago, i sent an application but didn’t send money.Because i didn’t print the application form. but yesterday i again sent an application to that SCHOOL and received it.So today i send the payment(tk 180)but they don’t send me the message( e.g Successfully Payment Completed for Assistant Teacher).Now in my mobile balance is 180 taka less.i want to know what will be my application or cutting money

  67. আমি ৪র্থ নিবন্দনে পাস করি। আমার স্থায়ী ঠীকানা ময়মনসিংহ। এখন আমি এমপিও ভূক্ত শিক্ষক হিসেবে সিলেট জেলায় একটি বিদ্যালয়ে করমরত আছি। এখন আমার নিজ জেলায় নিবন্দন দিয়ে আবেদন করলে এবং নিয়োগ পেলে আমার এমপিও ও অভীজ্ঞতা থাকবে কী না। দয়াকরে জানালে উপকৃত হব।

    1. এটা বেসরকারি শিক্ষক নিবন্ধন পরিক্ষা। তাই এখানে আপনার আগের যোগ্যতা বা অভিজ্ঞতা এরা বিবেচনা করবেনা। আপনি NTRCA এর মাধ্যমে নিয়োগ পেলে যেখানে নিয়োগ পাবেন সেই প্রতিষ্ঠানের হিসাব অনুযায়ী বিবেচনা করা হবে।

  68. School levele Assistant teacher,computer পদে যোগ্যতা অনুযায়ী স্নাতক পাশ করে ছয় মাস কম্পিউটার ট্রেনিং করে যারা ntrca হতে পাশ করেছে এবং যাহারা ঐ একই পদে ডিপ্লোমা ইন ইন্জিনিয়ার কম্পিউটার বিষয়ে পাস করে ntrca হতেও পাশ করেছে এবং উভয়ে উপরোক্ত পদে আবেদন করেছে। তাহলে কোন ডিগ্রিধারী আগে অগ্রাধিকার পাবে।

  69. বলছেন 1 থেকে 11 নিবন্ধনের মেরিট লিস্ট জেলা শিক্ষা অফিসে দেওয়া হয়েছে।কোথায় গেলাম পেলাম না তো।জানান সটিক তথ্য দয়া করে।

    1. Why you don’t see it? Personally I am also see it district education office. It is not 1-11 it only for 12th ntrca candidates.

  70. Sir, again i write to you. I have passed 10th exam . My question is, 10th ntrca exam merit list is available in district education office . My district name is jessore. .

    1. Yes. You can be see it Jessore District Education office.

  71. Md. Rasel Hussain

    Problem:I have applied a post of shcool teacher..I also cleared my payment.But I did not preseave a print copy.Now how can I get a copy from online.please help me about this matter.

    1. Any server problem? Try later.

      1. Md. Rasel Hussain

        Dear Sir,
        I have applied a school assistant teachers post by my mobile.I also paid my papayment .I got a ID & a TD number.But I have not preserved any print copy for next use.Now I am trying to get a print copy.But very sorry that I couldn’t find any link.Has Ntrca not given any option to print our copy more time? If this rules is applied it may very lose for us.Please see this matter & give us available option to print after close our applied any thim.please .

        1. It is now difficult to download applicant copy. Please wait may be they are provide download link after finish the application date.

  72. dear sir, my home division is Rajshahi. Can I apply in another division ????

  73. merit list-written/mcq/both?

  74. Ami marketing subject theke 10th ntrca pass koreci.Amr question holo amr subject jodi amr district a na thake se khetre ami ki Business Studies diye amr district a apply korte parbo.

  75. Ami marketing theke 10th ntrca pass koreci. amr question holo amr subject jodi amr district a na thake se khetre ami ki business studies diye amr district a apply korte parbo.

    1. Na thakle kivabe apply korben? You can be apply another district of your division.

      1. Will the applicant be posted in his nearest institution or standard institution according to his merit.

  76. আবেদনের জন্য কি প্রতিষ্ঠান বাছাই করতে হবে। যে প্রতিষ্ঠান বাছাই করব তাতে কি post খালি থাকতে হবে। প্রতিষ্ঠান বাছায়ের জন্য কী করতে হবে। কিভাবে করতে হবে আবেদন একটু বলবে কেউ

    1. ji. at first see ntrca vacant post list by institution.

  77. Sir amar E-mail address ti application form a wrong hoyese. akhon ki amar application tir kono problem hobe? plz reply me

  78. প্রার্থী নির্বাচনের ক্ষেত্রে NTRCA কি শুধু নিবন্ধনের লিখিত নম্বরের উপর ভিওি করে নিয়োগ দিবে। একাডেমিক সার্টিফিকেটের কি কোনো মূল্যায়ন হবে না। জানান দয়া করে।

    1. ওদের বিঞ্জপ্তি টা ভালো করে পড়েন।

  79. নিবন্ধন সনদে পদের নাম বিজ্ঞান।বিষয় প্রাণি বিদ্যা।আবেদন করব কিসে।বিজ্ঞান/কৃষি

    1. Your eligible post is assistant teacher Science.

  80. Md Lukman Chowdhury

    I can not apply another. plz suggest me

  81. I have passed the 10th ntrca exam.Where are merit list 10th ntrca exam? How can i get or know about this.

    1. 10th NTRCA merit list is not create. So you don’t show it.

  82. Sir ami ki onno division a apply korte parbo nij division sara

    1. Apply kore lav nai. vai recruitment district wise hobe.

  83. বিজ্ঞপ্তিতে তো এরকম কোনো কিছু পায়নি।তাইতো এই প্রশ্নটা করলাম। plz জানান, শুধুকি written মার্কসের উপর ভিওি করে নাকি একাডেমিক সার্টিফিকেটরও মূল্যায়ন করা হবে।plz জানানplz.

  84. ami apply korar por 1st sms pathanur por 2nd sms pin soho pathaisi tk kete nise but next conformation sms ascena,authorityr numr off,121 ntrca bapere kisu janena>
    ai muhurte ki kora uthict/plz respose me

  85. প্রশান্ত বাড়ৈ।

    স্যার,আমার প্রশ্ন হলো-লিখিত নম্বর নূন্যতম কত থাকতে হবে এবং এই আবেদনের ফলাফল কত দিন পর পাব ? দয়া করে বলবেন কি ?

    1. 40% . Application process and recruiting notice has been published by the authority of ntrca. It will be depends on their mind.

  86. abul kalam azad majumder

    sir feni server pytasi na apply ki babe borbo. plase aktu dakun

  87. sir, amar thana,district & Division konotatey amar subject er post faka nai but onno district a faka ache ami ki oi district a korte parbo plz. janaben.

  88. I have a question. suppose my number is 80% and I am first in my upazilla. I have applied both for upazilla and divisional institutions.I have also chance for division. but i prefer divisional institutions. in this situation how is a divisional candidate selected?

    1. They are recruiting only one institution. It will be district or your division.

  89. মৌটুসি বিশ্বাস

    Amar district a amar subject ar post khali ase tarporo ki ami amar division ar onnanno district a abedon korte parbo?

  90. Will u pls submit district merit list on website?
    Otherwise how can we collect?

    1. You can collect it on your district education office.

  91. আমি একটি কলেজে আবেদন করছি । কিন্তু সমস্যা হলো আবেদন করার পর submit করা pageটি হারিয়ে ফেলিছি ভুলবশত যাতে আইডি নাম্বার ছিল। এখন আইডি নাম্বার ছাড়া ফি জমা দেয়া যাবে না। এখন আমি কিভাবে আমার হারানো pageটি ফিরে পাব? যাতে আইডি ছিল। জানালে উপকৃত হবো।

    1. Apply again or recover you application id. I am not sure this option have or not.

  92. ami 1st step er district fillup korte parcina.Bar bar ‘no found, please change selection’ dekhay.(vacant post e amar subject ase). ami ekhon ki korbo???

    1. apnar vacant list abar dekhun.

  93. ami 1st step er district fillup korte parcina. bar bar ‘not found, please change selection’ dekhay. vacant list a amr subject ase. erokomta dekhanor karon ki???

  94. Where I found total vacant list according to the institution?

    1. You can see vacant list from our site. See it below of the post. Please see whole post.

  95. Md. Mosharrof Hossain (Kapasia)

    I paid my application fee but I dont give confirmation message.

  96. Dhaka North & South City Corporation Loading dekha jay kono ki korte pari?????????

    1. Its a technical problem. Try it later or wait until the page load time.

  97. Post code konta use korbo- upozela? na village post office?

  98. Syed Mohammad Ali

    have any post for female? they will apply for which address? husband or father or Both?

    1. Apply your ntrca certificate provide address.

  99. Syed Mohammad Ali

    Female candidate will apply from which address, father or husband?

  100. jara er age ntrca xm dayni tara ki apply korte parbena ? kindly janaben plz

  101. I could not apply ntrca college level, why? district icon doesnt shown

  102. আমি চুয়াডা়ঙ্গা জেলার 10তম নিবন্ধনধারী ৷ এই জেলায় পর্যাপ্ত পদ খালি না থাকায় আমি সিলেট জেলায় আবেদন করেছি ৷ এখন যদি সিলেট জেলা বা বিভাগে কোনো প্রার্থী না থাকে তাহলে আমি কি সেখানে অন্য জেলার প্রার্থী হিসেবে নিয়োগ পেতে পারি ?

    ntrca কর্তৃক প্রকাশিত 15000 পদের মধ্যে non mpo school বুঝবো কিভাবে ?
    জানাবেন প্লিজ ৷

    1. Only non mpo institute list they are published.

  103. I Complite one e application in my upzila school. Can i another e application submit another school in my distric? System is same?
    Another qus. is- if i select how can know it. Please Tell

    1. First question’s answer is YES. Bout second question is not understand what do you mean.

  104. ntrca merit list kivabe hobe? only mcq, only written na average? janaben plz….

  105. 1 to 12th E-Application Form flap but option district flap always show(not found,please change selection). Why?
    Please help me.

  106. Ami 4 ti college apply korechi. Suppose ami merit list a 4 ti college 1st. sekhetre amke ki college chose korar kono sujog dewa hobe? Naki ntrca nirdharon kore dibe.

    1. Yes, they are recruiting in a college.

  107. I could not found my district when select dhaka. then show not found please change selection

  108. আমার উপজেলাতে সহকারী মৌলভী বা রিলিজিওন টিচারের কোন তালিকা দেখতে পাইলাম না। এখন আমি আন্য উপজেলাতে আবেদন করেছি। আমাকে অগ্রাধিকার দেওয়া হবে কি? কিভাবে আমাকে নিয়োগ দেয়া হবে দয়া করে জানাবেন।

  109. আমার অ্যাপ্লিকেশান কপি হারিয়ে গেছে। আমি কি করব?

  110. ami school porzaie..application korte partesi na…e-application form fill-up korle..sudu college ase..ami kivabe tahole korte pari..ektu janale kritoggo hobo..plz..

    1. You may be passed college level ntrca exam.

  111. I am Candidate of 5th NTRCA-2009 & Passed.Trade/JuniorTradeInstructor General Mechanics,(Vocational.How to apply in this Post in my Dist. Please Necessary action as Soon as Possible.


  112. I am Candidate 5th NTRCA-2009 & passed. Trade/Junior Trade Insrtuctor general Mechanics (Vocational).How to Apply in this post. I asked to NTRCA Recruitment Team.

  113. Dear sir,
    I have applied for the post of lecturer for collegelevel and duly completed application on 9 August. But I tried to send payment at night on 10 August. I got my pin number but the amound was not charged. It replied that the time has expired though I sent my last SMS along with the pin number at 11.48 pm. Why did it happen ? please reply me. Thanks in advance.
    application ID number : A1107173VV

    1. Application time is extended. So, you can try now.

  114. how can i get registration number? i cannot collect my certificate from district..

    1. Your registration number only you can found your certificate.

  115. I am from uttara, Dhaka. I passed ntrca 10th in Dhaka. From where I can collect my certificate urgently.

    Please reply me.

    1. Dhaka District Education Office.

  116. I paid my application fee but I dont give confirmation message.

  117. আমি ভোকেশনাল শাখাই ট্রেড ইন্সট্রাক্টর কম্পিউটার বিষয়ে 4th ntrca exam porrikkai পাশ করি।এখন স্কুল লেভেলে assistant teacher computer বিষয়ে আবেদন করলে কি গ্রহণযোগ্য হবে? Please janaben

  118. application er deadline ki 10 august ar poray increase kora hoisa ? akono ki apply kora zabay? plz inform me about this.

  119. i think,in every institution may have one more candidates applied from their own location so why will we apply in those institution as the local applicants will get preference?plz tell me?????

    1. Local candidates get preference by merit list.


  121. ntrca 1-12 e-application result ki vabe dekhbo?

    1. result will be published ntrca website and here.

  122. application korte pari nai. date ki barano hobe?

    1. NO. Only assistant teacher (computer) post application date extended.

  123. sir, when NTRA informed recruitment?

  124. Would u please tell me, if he/she wants to do job in school level but he/she has no NTRCA certificate in school level but college.Although he/she didn’t get any job in any college, then what will the candidate do?

    1. He/she is not able to apply school level. Because he\she is not passed this level exam. If he want to job in school level then apply school level exam.

  125. MD. Alomgir Hossain

    When will the result be published? Please mention the date.

  126. Sami Rubaiat Muntaha

    প্রথম চান্সে পিরোজপুর জেলার কাউখালীতে কোন পোস্ট ছিল না বিধায় আমি দিই নি। এখন পরবর্তিতে কোন সার্কুলার আসবে কি না? জানালে বাধিত হব। আমি কি ভবিষ্যতে সার্কুলার হলে ঢাকাতে আবেদন করতে পারব কি না?

    1. visit our website get this jobs circular

  127. Most. Shamima Aktar

    sir, i miss the registration of NTRCA 1-12th teachers recruitment.have any chance again to apply?
    when start the registration of 1-12th NTRCA teachers recruitment?

    1. Next circular will be published after 3-4 month.

  128. Alamgir , Sonargaon , Narayanganj . . .

    Sir, I have gotten 73 marks in Eng(12th NTRCA). But I donot the reason why I have not been selected (1st &2nd merit list)? Please inform me. . .

  129. Please,I want to know about which way they made merit list&they made it from 1st to 12th exe?Which way i know about my merit position?

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