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Introduction and Benefits of Kaizen

Kaizen is Japanese word, means continuous improvement. Kai means Change and Zen means for the better. So, Kaizen means Change for the better. It means continuous improvement of a industries or factory. Kaizen is a tools that improve industries or factory production directly or indirectly. Now a days, it is very popular words in work […]

Basic Concept of Work Study

Basic Concept of work Study. Work study is a process to know the preferred method and perform it. It is an systemic study to finding the preferred method doing the work. Now a days, work study is a popular subject in a garment industries. If you are not a textile industries student and want to […]

BDJOBS ICT Scholarship Training 2016

BDJOBS ICT Scholarship Training 2016 has been published. Jobs BD and Daffodil Foundation of ICT has been announced a special scholarship offer. In any candidate who are interested in learning ICT education that are apply. Primarily about 300 students get training under this offer. After the course the authority will help you to get a […]